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Quality Performance Index

Improve the quality of your domain name space with this proven,  easy to implement solution.

About QPI

Brought to you by PIR, the people behind .ORG

QPI was originally created as a way to help reduce abuse on the .ORG domain space. Find out how you can use QPI for your own domain space!

QPI has helped .ORG remain the least-abused large TLD

Registrars participating in QPI saw increased renewal rates

50% of .ORG new creates were registered through QPI program

QPI Tools

Everything you need to set up your own QPI program

QPI Adoption Framework

In-depth instructions for building a QPI program that fits your organization’s needs.

QPI Formula Spreadsheet

We’ve taken the complexity of calculating QPI scores out of the equation with this easy to use spreadsheet.

Expert Assistance from QPI Pros

PIR QPI experts are ready to help you implement your own QPI Program. Reach out to us if you need help!

What They’re Saying

Industry Testimonials

We’ve been really pleased to participate in the QPI program and have found a lot of success with it throughout the year.  It’s helped to incentivize us to find more opportunities to sell .ORG domains across our organization, and has resulted in a more than 50% increase in creates YOY. We love to see registries come up with creative programs that reward registrars who are focused on selling quality registrations- it’s a win-win for us both.

Karen Dixon

VP of Marketing, Domains, Newfold (formerly Endurance Group)

PIR has been a key partner for Name.com over the past few years thanks to the QPI program, which incentivizes and rewards us for driving long-term, sustainable growth. Rather than chasing volume on low cost, first-year registrations, we can leverage the QPI program in alignment with our broader strategy of driving quality registrations with higher renewal rates. This focus on long-term success over short-term volume has led to an increase in .ORG revenue, which benefits both registry and registrar.

Ashley Barton

Director of Marketing, Name.com

We like the idea that our company’s stance on abuse mitigation is finally being rewarded by a registry via its marketing programs. Keeping our network clean is usually a thankless task, so it’s nice to be able to get some fiscal benefit from PIR.

Michele Neylon

CEO and Founder, Blacknight

The QPI initiative has been great for Automattic. Allowing us to position .org in a way that makes sense for us without having to tick off specific boxes means we’re building a healthier namespace together with PIR. Our customers embrace .org widely, and we’re happy to include .org as an option for our plan bundles. The QPI program helps offset the cost we bear nicely.

Kellie Peterson

Head of Domains, Automattic

IONOS relies on quality registrations to drive global growth in the hosting and cloud business. As a result, PIR’s initiative to analyze, forecast and incentivize domain registrations that lead to higher renewal rates and greater customer perceived value just makes the work we do easier and more profitable. We’re very grateful that PIR’s QPI program aims at growing the value of .org domains in particular, especially because speculative, short-lived registrations are not key to our business model at IONOS.

Ulrich Retzlaff

Domain Expert, IONOS (1&1)

QPI Frequently Asked Questions


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    What problem is QPI trying to solve?

    QPI’s primary objective is to promote the overall quality of individual domain name spaces and the Internet as a whole by maintaining and grow trust in the domain system. To accomplish that goal, the QPI initiative endeavors to grow the domain market through quality domains.

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    What results has PIR seen with its QPI program for .ORG?

    The QPI initiative has proven that quality domains lead to sustained growth in the number of domains. In the two years since the launch of its QPI quality initiative:

    • .ORG remains the least abused of all large generic top-level domains (gTLDs).
    • Participating registrars saw a marked improvement (4 percent) in renewal rates.
    • Approximately 50 percent of all .ORG new creates were registered through the QPI program.

    In addition, registrars participating in the .ORG QPI initiative have reported improved DNSSEC and SSL adoption.

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    How can registries adopt their own QPI quality initiative?

    PIR began offering the QPI program at no cost to other registries in 2021. PIR supplies a framework for QPI adoption and formula spreadsheet that can enable registries to formula their own QPI scoring. PIR understands that other registries will adopt QPI principles in a manner that works best for them.

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    Can QPI be adapted by registries based on their own needs?

    While PIR supplies a framework for QPI adoption and formula spreadsheet that can enable registries to formula their own QPI scoring. PIR understands that other registries will adopt QPI principles in a manner that works best for them. PIR is committed to working with others who want to adopt a QPI quality program, and encourages registries to reach out to discuss how it can do so.

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    Does PIR charge for the QPI quality initiative program?

    PIR decided to make it open and free to all. It provides the framework and formula spreadsheet on this website.

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    How is QPI measured?

    Registries can adopt the QPI program to their own needs. For those who want to learn from PIR’s experience, PIR provides information on how it utilizes the tools. Overall, PIR QPI is calculated by analyzing data for each registrar based on three core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Abuse Takedown, Renewal Rates, and Domain Usage and 3 secondary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – SSL, DNSSEC and ATL. The weighted scores are then combined to form a single QPI score. If the QPI score meets or exceeds the baseline threshold established for a particular promotion, the registrar is then pre-qualified to participate for the promotion pending any additional terms and conditions requirements. 

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